Welcome to Deshi Crafts!

Deshi Crafts is an online platform where we offer handcrafted apparel and lifestyle products created by rural artisans across Bangladesh. Our artisans are blessed with the talent and traditional skills to craft delicate designs in styles that are unique to Bangladeshi culture and heritage.

Deshi Crafts products offer contemporary designs, all reasonably priced. Proceeds from sales help these artisans help themselves. As a brand, Deshi Crafts Handicrafts constitutes Ladies’ Wear, Men’s Wear, Home Décor products, and accessories. Deshi Crafts products are the expressions of the traditional way of Bangladeshi lifestyle and rituals.

Deshi Crafts has been identified as a promising means of generating livelihood for hundreds of Bangladeshi rural artisans. Deshi Crafts has made a significant contribution to the lives of the rural artisans working with it, which has helped improve their economic as well as social status.

Deshi Crafts strives to bring the traditions of Bangladesh to customers all around the world with its unique creations and products. Deshi Crafts not only helps its artisans become wage earners but also spreads awareness about the traditional Bengali crafts of the region, thus helping preserve an upscale part of Bangladesh’s national cultural heritage.


To encourage artisans from less privileged backgrounds to accumulate new skills set; to prepare them with self-confidence and self-esteem required to earn by their own industry and initiative, and to enable them to hold this newly discovered skill and confidence into the broader world.


Deshi Crafts marching forward to fulfilling its vision of being a brand that symbolizes the empowerment of Bangladeshi marginalized rural and semi-urban artisans while identifying and encouraging traditional handicrafts that are in danger of dying out with increased industrial growth and rapid urbanization.